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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Witches' Walk

She flew into town, dressed all in black
On her Hallow’s Eve high.
You’d never guess that she was special
Unless you looked in her eyes.

Green, they were,
Behind her stringy hair
But like the moon, behind the light,
Darkness you’ll find there.

She was out to find the man
Who crushed her hat and made it cave.
He’ll be dragged back to the coven
Forever to serve as their slave.

If hell hath any fury,
It’s like a witch who’s scorned
No mortal woman could touch her revenge
He’ll curse the day he was born.

The words of the spell were already cast,
His hair inside her locket,
The old gray cat upon her lap,
And a potion in her pocket

Inside a den of evil men
She found the one she sought.
With glowing eyes and secret words
And a look of mighty haught,

She said, “You crossed the wrong woman.
I’m here to seal your fate.”
With a holy stare she breathed his name;
He knew he’d made a mistake.

He lunged like a beast --
In vain he fought for his life!
The potion she cast upon him then
Made his mortal strength slight.

With a heavy heave
She draped him over her broom.
Her silver hair whipped his face
As they flew away to his doom.

The pitiful man wasn’t so grand
Without his fellow knights.
The ladies laughed at his whimpering
And his fear of darkness at night.

“You should have planned ahead,”
The women told him flat.
“One thing any man should know
Is never mess with the hat.”

They circled him then
And joined their hands in song.
One fanned the flame, one gave a shout,
Another banged a gong.

“’Tis the stroke of twelve,” they chanted,
“Tis the hour of the witching.”
His skin began to crawl and burn
And he was wrought with terrible itching.

“You shall be our servant now.
This you understand.
By harming any one of us
You harm the entire band.

“If you run or if you fight,
Greater curses we know.
Treat us well and treat us fair,
Or into the fire you’ll go.”

“I’m sorry I’ve offended you,”
The desperate fool cried out.
“I’ll serve you ladies as you wish
Until my debt’s paid out.”

Satisifed, the women smiled
And blessed their meeting here.
The grandest witch took his hand ,
Her face an evil sneer.

“Never touch a witch’s hat,” she said,
“And listen when we talk
For witches don’t make threats like men.
We also walk the walk.”


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